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Terror in Appalachia
Terror in Appalachia
July 28, 2020
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Kentucky Weed
July 28, 2020
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Terror on the Tundra


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By J. Esker Miller, terror series book 1, 2017

Jim Miller, writing as J. Esker Miller, has five previous thrillers that cover diverse but exciting times. But it was Alaska, the northernmost fringe of civilization, that intrigued him most of all. After years of flying over the desolate landscape and hearing the stories of the people there, he imagined a remote island, a desolate, hostile place where evolution was free to create unique creatures. And so, a single pair of shipwrecked Viking war dogs evolved into terrifying Apex Predators that ravaged the island unchallenged. Eventually, the breakup of Arctic ice floated a few of the beasts to the North Slope of Alaska. There, they faced the valiant townspeople of Chintikook Village. Along with a boyish paleontologist and the local schoolteacher, the humans teamed up to battle the attacking creatures they called Super Wolves….

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