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Jim Miller does a tremendous job of opening the blinds and showing the often hidden and ignored world of marijuana and how it rips open the fabric of communities in Eastern Kentucky. Through the eyes of Joshua Stiles and his desire to find his roots, Miller weaves a fascinating and frightening tale of two families that would make the Hatfield and McCoy feud seem like a friendly shuffleboard match in a retirement community. I highly recommend Kentucky Weed.

Bill N.

After reading Stealing Ho Chi Minh's Gold by Jim Miller and enjoying the read, Kentucky Weed was selected as another journey. This one into the world of eastern Kentucky, in the lives of two families, their disputes, and the marine that finds himself in the middle of it all. Returning to his home, the marine is caught up in families feuding. Looking towards his roots to find a new life after the military, he finds more than he bargained for! This book holds your attention. Very enjoyable, and eye opening! Give it a try! Thanks, Jim Miller!


One Final Mission
Lots of action! Great story line. Really great! Very intriguing story.

Amazon Customer

Terror in the Smokies I found this book to be very difficult to put down. I actually read the entire story in one day. I really liked the way it ended and hopefully look forward to perhaps another one in this series.

Ann S.

Terror on the Tundra You have to read this book, I couldn't put it down. I enjoyed it from beginning to end. This book deserves a 10. This could be a good movie. The plot was good along with the characters. The only problem I have with the book is I hated it to end. The plot of the book just played out to the very end. Giant dog like wolves , action, freezing temperatures, interesting characters. Who could want more in a book. I would love to see a book two.

Cathy T.

Terror in Appalachia Really enjoyed this story. The characters were good and really loved the wolves. Leaves it open for a sequel. Would love one.


‘How come I didn't notice that before? What could make a footprint that size? What the hell is it?’