Bridge of Spies

If you liked the movie take a look at the book “Vienna, Audition for Cold War.” It takes place just as the Cold War is beginning in lawless four-power-occupied Vienna with spy swaps, kidnappings, murders and good old spy skulduggery. It’s on Amazon www://

The war was over- The war was just beginning

The War Was Over- The War Was Just Beginning

Terror on the Tundra

Now available from Hydra Press. It’s horror but with Alaskan history and current conflicts of climate, evolution, politics, military/civilian conflict and lots of cultural stress.

Oh, and a lot of people get trapped in a remote village by giant, mutant wolves. Good clean horror story on ice.

Jim Miller

Kentucky Weed

My newest book is available at Carmichaels Bookstore (both locations) and will soon be at Karen’s Book Barn. The paperback version is now on And the ebook is available at all normal retailers.