“Terror in Appalachia” is a new follow-on to the very successful “Terror on the Tundra.”

Ranger Craig James wasn’t happy about his assignment – demotion really – to the small town of Bell City, Kentucky. But when a local farm boy was killed by an unknown creature, Craig turned out to be the perfect man to investigate. In Alaska, he had known investigated attacks by giant Fenris Wolves on the remote North Shore. The young man’s killing had earmarks of the same creatures. But how could they travel thousands of miles undetected? Once he mentioned the wolves, a media storm erupted. Monster hunters, even TV personalities swarmed over the town, armed and eager to be the first to kill. This was bigger than Big Foot or Sasquatch or any of the other cryptids. This was real. And the deaths that followed were just as real. The beasts were loose and Craig James seemed the only man who might be able stop them.